Too many laws too little incentive
Too many people bein’ too inventive
Too many act less comprehensive
Adding fear which isn’t progressive
Complaintive initiative being’ blown out of proportion,
as fellow men discuss laws on abortion.
The common concensus concerns us as such,
while intellects are degraded in the public too much?
We burn in the hope for space, interest and grace,
for keeping up pace, with a system of nothing which characterize our ways.
This is how I view society nowadays.

As we sink to lesser peoples’ rules,
remember who makes the tools for our schools,
and ask yourself if they awaken souls or mere ghouls…

What are the incentives for all laws?

Should some of you be forced to a pause,
and would that benefit our cause off course?

The news tells more about who win or lose in materialistic views,
what vitamins are in which juice,
and which electronic devices to choose.

Meanwhile the vices win and the people lose.

No new laws must be less bad news…

Atleast less people would hang from a noose,
and less people would need to press a button to snooze.
Do you know which style of living you would rather choose?

The Poet & the Pea